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3 Ways to Reboot Your Self Belief

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

So You Can Make The Decisions You Are Holding Back from Making and THRIVE!

What even is self trust? Self trust represents your belief in yourself, your ability to overcome adversity and your courage when you need it. It is part of the self esteem and confidence family

Without self trust there is a lot of fear and anxiety that keeps you stuck. Your inner critic may be very loud and powerful, you might be in the habit of only seeing your faults, failures and mistakes. Poor self trust can also be contributing to you avoiding putting yourself out there in fear of failure or maybe even success. Perhaps you are holding onto old thoughts and beliefs about yourself or your capabilities.

This is not a fun place to be, I know I’ve been there, so I wanted to share 3 very quick to implement tips to help you immediately improve your self trust, which will help improve your confidence, energy in your abilities and ensure you realize you are much more capable and worthy than what you currently feel about yourself!

When you build self trust you will be able to draw on thoughts that help you even in times of self doubt. Much like when training your body, it is a muscle that will get stronger the more you use and practice it!

Here are three ways to quickly restore self trust and belief:

  1. Find proof of 3 things, challenges, situations you have overcome in the last 7 days. They don’t have to be massive!

Eg You mopped up a spilt cup of tea, you managed to get up despite over sleeping, you managed to pay your bills.

For each one take a moment to consider what it took for you achieve putting in the effort to sort out the situation (eg determination, grit, time management), the resources you used (eg initiative, focus, patience etc) and how it helped you feel (eg relieved, light, free to crack on with your day, energized, relieved etc).

All of these moments have proved you are capable of dealing with challenges, often without realizing the skills involved. Be conscious of where this happens in your life without awareness.

What other challenges have you faced and perhaps have forgotten about! These reflections help to fuel your self trust back up. Do not let your inner critic give you a breakdown on how you could have been better in those moments!

Say “no right now thanks!” to it, focus on the celebration of your achievements

2. Ask yourself “If I had a magic wand, what would I change right now?”

Think big! Without self judgment or censorship. It doesn’t mean you have to act on all the things you think of but it will help you to connect back to what is important for and to you. Whether it’s a new job or taking control of your health and wellbeing.

3. Think of a time you felt really strong, confident, courageous and maybe even powerful. As you’re thinking of this time, embody the feelings again. Enjoy how it feels to be here. What do you feel, hear and see?

Soften your stomach, jaw, shoulders and eyebrows. Really breathe deeply into this feeling of empowerment and trust in yourself in the moment. What will you do next in your day to commit to feeling like this again? What is possible when you realize what you are capable of? What is the next step?

Perhaps it is an activity that helps you to feel good about yourself, or that shows you have value (eg time out, a nice meal, a workout, a bath, a walk, applying for a new job) Or perhaps it is spending some time journaling about what has come up for you.

Maybe you are aware of things you want to change but have felt too nervous to or maybe you realise you’d like to seek out some help to support you. Really listen to what comes up.

You don’t have to do anything massive, small steps all help to you boosting your self trust and confidence

Self trust is built from reflecting on your efforts too and reinforcing positive language around your attempts - whether they are a perceived success of not!

Be conscious of how you are talking to yourself - kind, encouraging self chat only. Give yourself grace to learn, to get things wrong to fly. When we believe that we can handle any situation it helps to reduce the fear and the weight of the what ifs.

I love hearing how you get on, drop me a DM on Instagram with your updates! Or tag me (@Clubthrive_) in your stories and posts so I can support you there too

This, like so much of mindset work, is a practice. Every moment you can give to reminding yourself of your capabilities and value pays off in the long term.


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