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 Empowering Creative, Ambitious Women To Stop Surviving So They Thrive Personally and Professionally
Mindset & Confidence Coaching To Help You Be Seen, Heard And Valued Just The Way You Are 

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Hi, I'm Kate Stirling
I started Club Thrive because I understand where you are right now. I've been there too. After years of my own transformation I now am here to guide you through yours 

Life Coach, Actor, NLP Master Practitioner, Well-being Expert, Speaker, Podcast Host, Mum of 1, Partner to an Actor and Responsible For A Rescue Dog Called Ralph!


Your Second Life Begins
When You Realise
You Have Only One

- Confucius

I'm a leading Mindset & Confidence Coach with 22 years coaching experience and over 10,000 hours spent working with hundreds of ambitious people just like you. As a working actor, I understand the importance of confidence in yourself and your work work alongside feeling happy in your skin, looking after your physical and mental wellbeing whilst also enjoying a fulfilled personal life.

In 2016 I went through a divorce that rocked my world. It literally took the wind out my sails. I lost all my confidence, self belief and ended up living back at home with my parents. At 32 my identity had been shaken to the core. I became very depressed, had extremely low self worth and the acting career I had been so passionate about building literally crashed before it had a chance to properly take off. 




From this depth of despair has come the life I know I was meant to live. The mindset skills I have developed as a result have been transformative and as a coach it gives me so much joy when I see clients overcome people pleasing tendencies to step into their power so they live the life they too were meant to experience.

I've worked across a number of industries including Media, Entertainment, Fitness, Holistic Health and Well-being. I am passionate about helping you to realise your worth, improve your self belief, and to develop your own unstoppable, thriving mindset

I am a trained Life Coach, Professional Actor, NLP Master Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, Pre/Post Natal Specialist, Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach. I'm extremely fortunate to have worked in varying capacities with hundreds of individuals alongside many prolific companies including the BBC, Adam & Eve DDB, Somesuch, Now TV, Nickelodeon, MTV, ITV, More Yoga, Thames Water, The RFU and HFW.

I work with 1:1 clients alongside releasing weekly episodes of my podcast Club Thrive: The Podcast, corporate workshops, speaking on panels and at events and supporting our community with free content. 


Using techniques from NLP, Life Coaching, Yoga and Positive Psychology we help you to identify limiting beliefs and find clarity so you can live the life you want to live.

All transformation starts in the mind. Without addressing the thoughts you have, new and old subconscious beliefs will continue to sabotage your chance of success.


Improve your relationship with your body. Exercise becomes a joy when you approach it with the right mindset. No more hating your reflection in the mirror. Build a strong, light and supple body that you love to wake up in. After decades of coaching we believe that there is no perfect approach to training or movement, but there is the approach that works best for you


What makes you tick? Improve. What brings you joy, energy, creativity, a feeling of aliveness? Of being YOU?


Nourish your spirit and fulfil your physical needs.


 I use scientifically proven methods to up level your nutrition, improve your self belief develop an intuitive and mindful approach to ensure how you live elevates your spirits and results too


 Authentic living is at the heart of Club Thrive.


Without living in your truth, you are likely to be presenting or showing up as someone you are not, which is exhausting and sad for what it potentially strips you of.


We help you to clarify and truly fulfil your soul needs so you can thrive every single year of your life

What People Are Saying

“I couldn’t recommend Kate more highly. There is no judgement from Kate, just encouragement and really helpful, perceptive suggestions along the way. I’ve gone from feeling pretty rubbish about myself to feeling strong and confident in making good choices about nutrition. I wish Kate could be my coach forever!"


“Kate has been beyond helpful, full of advice, understanding, approachable and supportive. She’s so unbelievable lovely and you feel really looked after, listened to and like she really genuinely wants to help you. The way thrive is set up, is not to restrict or short term change your life...but to change your mind set and designed to find the wins whether they be big or small. She really is a fab coach and would recommend 100%. Wish we could have more Kate’s in the world!"


“Kate takes a very holistic approach to the programme and what you want to get out of it (for example, she helped me a lot with food and nutrition, and the idea of putting myself first!). She is the most supportive, motivating and perceptive (coach) you could hope for. I feel fitter and happier for it. Highly recommend!"


Work With Me


28 day intensive programme  


Reignite your energy, kick start your confidence, reconnect to what you need to do in order to THRIVE


Includes 3 x 60 Minute Coaching Calls

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8 Week Programme 

Get clear on who you want to be, reconnect to YOU, get honest about your goals and implement your new found clarity with confidence


Includes 6 x 60 Minute Coaching Calls


4 Month Programme  


Breakthrough everything that's holidng you back. Work on a deeper level to identity what you really want from your life, then go get those goals on repeat!


Includes 10 x 60 Minute Coaching Calls


6 Month Programme  


Develop a bulletproof mindset, high performance habits, a strong inner voice and unstoppable confidence! 


Includes 18 x 60 Minute Coaching Calls


Ensuring you have the best support is an important value of Club Thrive.

I will never pretend to be someone I am not as a coach, which is why I continue to invest time, money and energy into continue to develop my own skills and experience

Certified Life Coach 

Trained Actor (Arts Ed, Central)

NLP Practitioner

NLP Master Practitioner

RSPH Level 3 & 4 Nutrition Coach

Level 2 Gym Instructor

Level 3 Personal Trainer

Level 3 Pre/Post Natal Specialist

Dr Sarah Duvall Core Exercise Solution Specialist

200 Hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher

50 Hr Yin Yoga Teacher

First Aid

Mental Health First Aid

Companies I've Worked With

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